Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You KNOW What You Need to Do Today...


My family and I were up at the crack of dawn (actually, it was still dark out, thanks to daylight savings time,) and at our polling place by 6:30 am. I'm happy to say there was already a long line forming.

However, Minnesota is pretty practiced at this high turn out thing (we routinely get 75-80% voter turn out), so once the doors actually opened, we probably only had to wait about fifteen minutes tops. For some reason, it took Shawn a lot longer (more people with last names that start with "S"?), but, even so, we were on the road to work by 7:30 am, an hour later.

The other nice thing about Minnesota is that we vote on paper. We don't have to wait for people in booths or at machines. At our polling place, if we were okay with not having a privacy screen, they let us vote sitting on the floor using clip boards and a ball point pen. Our ballots look a lot like those SAT tests you took in school, except instead of using a number two pencil, they have special markers for you to fill in your circles with. I think that also helped with the expediency, because most of us would sacrifice a little privacy for maximum efficency.

Can I just say, I'm really proud that I'm going to be able to tell my grandchildren that I voted for Obama.


Anonymous said...

It's all very exciting, isn't it?
I'm not actually an American, but I've been following the race to the white house religiously for the past few months.
I'm so glad Obama won, it feels like this will be a defining moment in history, the kind of things your grandkids ask you about.

Anyway, I just stumbled upon your blod, after checking out your website (I'm currently reading Romancing the Dead, and loving it.), so I thought I'd comment with my thoughts, and I pretty much ended up rambling. Haha.
Have a nice day! (:

tate hallaway said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog!! You're one of the very, very few to comment.

You feel like you're babbling, but I feel like I'm standing in a crowded hall mumbling to myself. Blogs are like that for me, I think.