Thursday, January 15, 2009


Google Alerts found this gem for me: Review: Tall, Dark & Dead and Dead Sexy.

The last line made me laugh out loud. Though written by an Australian, it could have been written by a Minnesotan: "you could certainly do worse [than read these books]."

Uh... wow. I feel extra warm and fuzzy now. Although to be fair, the review, up to that point, is really quite nice. And, in context, the whole bit about doing worse is really quite positive. Still...I feel like calling my publicist and yelling, "Stop the presses! I need that tag line on the cover my next book: 'Could do worse!'"


Zed-Aitch said...

Well, I certainly feel that way about your books. In fact, if I had to make a choice between reading one of your books or a root canal, I'm almost positive I know which one I'd choose. Aren't left-handed compliments wonderful?

a devoted fan (really!)

Russell B Farr said...

Just to clarify, the reviewer is Australian.

And many thanks for the plug!

Russelll B. Farr
Editor, ticon4

tate hallaway said...

Made a note of that! Thanks for the correction!