Monday, March 02, 2009


February 2009 is going to always be remembered in my household as the month everyone was sick. We started off the month quite nicely with a poetry party in honor of Brigid, but after that, everything pretty much went to hell in a hand basket.

The very day of our party, Mason got sick. Turns out he had strep AND what the doctor described as a "macho" cold. That took him (and his mom, Shawn, who is susceptible to ANY virus that comes into the mere vicinity of her) out for at least a week. Then, in my fool hearty way, I mocked the virus's ability to take me down. "Ha," I bragged on my livejournal, "I have the constitution of an ox. It'll never get me!!!"

Famous last words, no?

So I, who so rarely get sick, was completely knocked on my a$$ for a week and a half.

At some point in here, Shawn fell down our stairs, hurt her back (she's always had a bad back -- a herniated disc(k?), and got a migraine that last ten days (the worst she's ever had.

The calendar changed, and POOF! We all got better.

I have never been happier that it's March in all my life.

My project for today is to get back on track, and I can't say it's started out all that well. I headed off to the gym this morning after dropping Mason off at school and discovered that I'd forgotten to repack my tennis shoes. As I didn't think I'd get much of a work out done in snow boots, I gave up and went home.

So now I'm sitting in front of the computer gathering notes for the next book project (Honeymoon of the Dead is in the hands of a beta reader: SMM, whom I hope to get some good advice about ASAP), which is the small press project for my alter ego. I had a brilliant flash about it last night, and that is that I'm planning to try to make it read like a faux memoir. I just read a really great memoir by Patricia Monaghan called RED-HAIRED GIRL FROM THE BOG, which I devoured in three days (very unusual for a slow-reading dyslexic like me) and I thought, "Hmmm, normally I despise the form of memoir, but maybe this is the structure I've been needing. Because then I don't have to tell things in chronological order!"

Wish me luck. This will be the sixth time I've re-started this novel.

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