Monday, April 20, 2009

A Gift to Literature!

Okay, people, I'm going to get a big head if you keep this up! Here's a new review for ROMANCING THE DEAD that says I'm a gift to paranormal literature: Bitten By Books.

And you do know I'm Minnesotan, right? I mean, we get nervous when people heap too much praise on us!


Dark Faerie said... books! Garnet is such a wonderful character....she has stayed my mind so much that I created my own interpretation of her. Please come see her on my blog if you have a moment...:)

I am patiently waiting for book four!!! :)

tate hallaway said...

Thanks. I really love hearing this... it makes the days when I struggle with writing (like today!) worthwhile.

And only a few more days until DEAD IF I DO hit the bookstores!!!