Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On-Line Class About MEN

I'm going to interrupt my own "class" on getting started to forward this lovely tid-bit... an on-line class about men. (My favorite part? It's taught by a woman!)

**Permission to forward granted and encouraged**

Yosemite Romance Writers is proud to present their online workshop for June.

Date: 6/1 - 6/26/09

Workshop title: Understanding Men

Do you wish you had a better understanding of men? Now is your chance to improve your real-life relationships with men and enhance your male characters all through taking the same course. In the month-long online class, you will learn how the male brain and hormones makes a man think, feel, and behave, especially in relationships. We will also discuss how men are portrayed in romance novels versus how men are in real life.

About the instructor: Dr. Debra Holland

Debra Holland, Ph.D., is a popular psycho therapist, consultant, and speaker on the topics of communication skills, relationships, stress and trauma, and dealing with difficult people. In this class, Dr. Debra will considerably expand on the workshop she has given at the 2001 National RWA Conference and around the country to various RWA chapters and conferences. Although this class is geared to writers, non-writers will also find the class helpful in improving their relationships with men.

Deadline to register: 5/30/09

Fee: $20 YWR members; $25 non-members. RWA Membership isn't required; Anyone can take our courses.

Where to sign up: You may register online at our website,

Please click the Pay Now button and follow the instructions for Paypal. You will receive a confirmation from us once your payment is received.

You may also contact YRW at if you have any other questions.

Thank you for considering our workshops!!

Sandra Marlow
Vice President, YRW
Yosemite Romance Writers

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