Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reviews of DIID

My publicist forwarded a new review of Dead if I Do from "Another Fun Read from Another Talented Writer."

Books by Jen also reviewed DIID and liked it, although she admits to being a bigger fan of Parrish (who she didn't see enough of in this book.)

Also, Google Alerts found some others of older books. Urban Bachelorette Review picked up Tall, Dark & Dead, and loved it. Which is always nice.

And, in other news, my alter ego just signed a contract for a short story of hers to appear in a Biblical Horror anthology called: She Nailed a Stake Through His Head. Her short story is a modern retelling of the Samson story from the point of view of his wife (before Delilah) called "Jawbone of an A$$."


Vicki Bullen said...

Hi I still love this series. I was wondering if the new young adult series means the end of Garnet and Sebastian. I sincerely hope not.

I was wondering if you have read the series by c.l.wilson? If not when you have time give it a try. It is also very good. Something to read between your Garnet books.
Blessed Be

tate hallaway said...

The new YA series *hopefully* does NOT mean the end of the Garnet and Sebastian saga. They way it was pitched to me by my editor is that it's meant to be a companion to the adult series. I don't know, however, since I haven't heard word yet about my newest Garnet proposed books. Fingers crossed! Knocking on wood!

I haven't read C.L. Wilson. I'll check them out!

tate hallaway said...

"the way..." Sorry, my fingers are sticky on the keyboard today for some reason.

Leslee said...

Loved the new book!!!!