Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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WORKSHOP: Highland Clans from Medieval Times through the Clearances

Date: July 13-Aug 31, 2009
Workshop Title: Highland Clans from Medieval Times through the Clearances
Instructor: Cindy Vallar, author of The Scottish Thistle and an associate editor for Solander magazine (

Workshop Dates: Tuesday, 7 July through Friday, 28 August

Description: We often assume the Highland clans of Scotland have always been. In reality, they evolved. This workshop explores the origins of the clans in general, then examines the history and development of clans from four perspectives: Western clans, Central and Eastern clans, the Lords of the Isles, and clan wars. Other lessons will cover Highland land and settlements, the Highlanders' year and the customs that influenced their lives, the structure of clans (surnames, law, fosterage, traditions, succession, etc.), occupations, and clothing.

About the instructor: A retired librarian, Cindy Vallar is the Associate Editor of Industry for Solander, the magazine of the Historical Novel Society, and writes the "Red Pencil" column where she profiles authors and compares a selection from their published historical novels with an early draft of that work. She also reviews for their journal, Historical Novels Review. She is the Editor of Pirates and Privateers, a freelance editor, a content editor for Pyrates Way magazine, and a workshop presenter. She belongs to the Historical Novel Society, the Red River Branch of Clan Cameron, the Scottish Clans of North Texas, the Laffite Society, the Louisiana Historical Society, and the National Maritime Historical Society. In 2005 at the Clan Cameron North American Rally, Cindy received the first Friend of Clan Cameron Award. She is the author of The Scottish Thistle, her debut historical novel about Scotland's Rising of 1745, and Odin's Stone, a romantic short story of how the Lord of the Isles settled the medieval feud between the MacKinnons and MacLeans on the Isle of Skye. She invites you to visit her award-winning web site, Thistles & Pirates (, to learn more.Workshop Duration: 6 weeks Eliza KnightCHRW PresidentAuthor of sizzling historical romance. Bringing passion to life, one love story at a / /

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