Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"Murphy's Law" for Writers

The last couple of days since Mason has been off school for the summer, I've been pressed for time to write. Most of that is a problem of my own making, because, since he only has a month off in his year-round school schedule, we've been making the most of what we have by going on "adventures" to the local wildlife parks, etc. It's been great fun. Tiring, but great fun.

I haven't written much of note, however.

So what happens? The last few days my brain has bombarded me with ideas for short stories! My friend Sean M. Murphy came over a couple nights ago and we thought up an awesome first contact story. Yesterday, my brain went off on a tangent about the crazy things we're willing to do to stay thin and beautiful and I crafted a whole story arc around that... and this morning I woke up with the thought that's over in my Twitter feed.

Gah! Why does this always happen when I have NO time to write the projects under deadline, much less the ones that are bubbling to the surface!!!???

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Margaret Yang said...

Just think, an utter lack of ideas would be worse. Better too many than too few.