Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I don't know how many people really celebrate this particular holiday, but my family always gathers in LaCrosse, Wisconsin (my hometown) to sit on a curb on the northside of town to watch local union members march carrying flags and toss candy. I wish, actually, I'd remembered to pack my National Writers Union t-shirt that reads, "Metaphors Be With You" on the front and shows the united autoworkers logo on the back (the NWU is a sub-local of the UAW, which always made me weirdly happy.)

After that, we're going to pack up and head back to the Twin Cities. I'd hoped to get my proposals started this weekend, but instead it became a sort of last hurrah of summer, with hikes in Hixon Forest, the LaCrosse River marsh, and the Copeland Park water park. Mason actually spent several hours on the banks of the LaCrosse smearing mud all over his body and being admired by passers-by on the overhead bridge.

Tomorrow, I'll begin work in earnest as it's Mason's first day of FIRST GRADE. Big day!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't believe he's six!


Anonymous said...

First day of First grade. Good luck to the little man!

And the NWU is a sub-local of the UAW? I fail to see, and pardon me for being ignorant, what writers have to do with autoworkers

tate hallaway said...

Lou, it's true! I think the deal was that at the time 1981(?) the UAW was the only big union willing to hive off, as it were. Plus, the National Writers Union started in Detroit.