Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

No rest for the Wiccan, as the book cover says!

Srsly, I just got back my editorial notes from my editor for ALMOST TO DIE FOR. It's actually going to involve more than just a little tweaking. We're talking about adding another whole scene, which I'd considered but never figured out how to add in... (my editor can be surprisingly clever about such things.)

Plus, I got that call every writer dreads from my small press editor: "So, hey, [alter ego] about that book you're already over deadline on...." (No pressure!) Yikes. But I spent this weekend with a calendar and some serious consideration and I think I have a good answer for him, so I'm off to write that "Dear sir, I'm a total failure, but please spare me another couple more months..." (the check is in the mail!) e-mail.


Oh, yeah, and I'm ridiculously sick. I have this cough I can't shake that morphed into some kind of weird sinus-y mess. Hooray.

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