Friday, February 19, 2010

Newbie Question #21

21. Do you have any favorite authors? Books?

Do I? OMG, do I.

Even though I'm a very slow reader (dyslexia), I read all the time. Some of the good ones that I finished lately are:

Cherie Priest, BONESHAKER


Daniel Key Moran, THE LONG RUN

But, beyond that, I'm reading a lot of my local authors too -- my fellow Wyrdsmiths who have books out are Naomi Kritzer, Kelly McCullough, Eleanor Arnason, and Doug Hulick (forthcoming). I could probably go on and on... and maybe over the weekend, I'll compose something a little less off the top of my head of people I'd recommend.


Anonymous said...

Tate! Are you going to supply an excerpt of Honeymoon of the Dead??

tate hallaway said...

Yeah... sorry, I think I finally have a final version of that from the publisher. Hopefully this week. (I'll post a notice here on my blog when I've updated my web site.)