Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Garnet in Paperback?

I'm not sure how official this is, but I just heard from my editor that the Garnet Lacey books have been "bought" in-house by Berkley Sensation for release in a mass-market paperback edition. I guess the tentative date for the first book to hit the shelf is December of 2011.

I have no idea if they'll have new cover art or what, but I think this is pretty awesome news. I'm a big fan of the paperback size books, myself, so yay!

Also, I've run out of newbie questions to answer. Anyone out there have any questions you'll like me to answer? The more the better! Otherwise I'm going to have to make some questions up....

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Although I must say, having bought all the books in the series up till now I'm pretty sad about the cover change. It's so different and I loved the original covers. I wish publishers/authors would not change cover art half way through. I have no desire to buy the whole series again and hate that new books won't match the ones I already own. The original art was so great and really seemed to fit the books/garnet. While I am excited to get to read a new book in the series, seeing the new cover, well, just left me bummed.