Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reader question #1

As you know, the Garnet series has come to an end. A few people emailed or commented questions about that, and I thought I'd answer them here:

#1. Would you ever consider continuing to write the GL series to put onto this blog? What about e-books? What about pushing them to another publisher (Llewellyn, etc.)?

I would consider it. In fact, just the other day I had a great short story idea come into my head involving early Garnet/Parrish days. It would be interesting and fun, IMHO, to write non-Lilithed Garnet, and, of course, Parrish is always hot.

The biggest roadblock to my doing these things is time. I am currently contracted to write a new young adult series for my publisher, and, with Mason home from school in May (he has a weird year-round school that has an odd vacation schedule), I'm having a hard enough time making word count deadlines for the things I'm getting paid for, you know? I love the idea of doing this, though, and if I were the sort of person who had boundless energy and time, I'd be all over a fiction blog adventure. It certainly seems to work for a lot of my colleagues. I've heard of a lot of professional writers doing this sort of thing. But, if you're a regular reader here you know I hardly am able to keep up with doing this on a daily basis!

The alternate publisher, however, is always a possibility. In fact, my first novel is being put out in paperback by Berkley Sensation at the end of next year, and I have this fantasy that maybe if it's successful as a mass market paperback maybe they'll re-issue all five and ask me for more in the series. A smaller press like Llewellyn is a great idea, but that's something for my agent to handle. I mean, if they approached me? I'd totally make it happen, but normally, I leave that kind of stuff up to my agent.

So, I guess the answer is a qualified yes.

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