Wednesday, August 25, 2010

British Edition of MBR and German Garnet

I just got the cover art for the British edition for Many Bloody Returns, in which my short story about Sebastian and Garnet, "Fire and Ice and Linguine for Two," appears.

It's not much to look at, but, hey, I'll be appearing in ENGLISH. Whoot!

And below we have Dead Sexy, which became BEISS NOCH EINMAL MIT GEFUEHL....

... and Romancing the Dead, which became VAMPIR SEIN IST ALLES.


Laura said...

The German covers are pretty but too pretty for the series I think. I do like them as illustrations. I'm tempted to save the image files but I'm trying to stop saving stuff just because I like the way it looks versus things I actually need.

Dance To The Door said...

the german covers look really nice, except..where's Garnet's short spiky hairdo? The original american covers fit the books very well (though I didn't really care for the cover of the last book).