Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I've been reading...

I've been working steadily on my editorial revisions for the second vampire princess of St. Paul book, ALMOST TO DIE FOR, and doing a lot of cold-weather reading. You know what I mean by cold-weather reading, right? It's the kind of reading that involves a couch, cats (if you have them,) a roaring fire (if you have one), and a lot of blankets.

What I've been snuggling up with has been a wide range. I read CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins, the sequel to HUNGER GAMES (which I loved). I ran out and bought MOCKINGJAY, but things were left in such a depressing place that I found I bounced out of the book almost as soon as I sat down to read it. So my restless fingers lighted on one of the books in our bathroom bookshelf. We intentionally keep a lot of cheesy classics in the bathroom just for those moments when you want to read a chapter or two of something you don't necessarily need to finish. So I picked up TARNSMAN OF GOR.

There are slave girls and manly men and... well, if you don't take it too seriously, a great deal of adventure.

What about you? What are you reading?


Catherine said...

Hi Tate, I thought I would introduce myself. I'm Anastasija Ramses Parker, well sort of. I'm the model on the cover of your book Almost to Die for.


Catherine Gray

tate hallaway said...

Wow! Super cool!