Thursday, December 02, 2010

Level 2 Swimmer!

Being a parent is so wierd. You bring home this squishy little loaf and eventually, through some miracle (and a surprising amount of hard work), they grow into people. One of the things I'm always astounded by is when children have these breakthroughs. Mason struggled and struggled with learning to tie laces on shoes and then, this year, whammo! He figured it out. Also new this year: independent(ish) swimming. We signed him up for a Red Cross class, and this year, after starting with a six month old "waders" class, all of a sudden, it clicked for him.

I mean, you TELL them that with practice, they'll eventually learn, but it's still kind of surprising when it works!


Tarot By Arwen said...

Just finished Almost To Die For. I won a copy over at Bitten By Books. What a fun read! I'll have to get Cai to buy it. I'm sure her daughter, Amanda, will love it.

Sabina said...

Congrats to Mason. Learning to swim is a big deal.