Friday, April 15, 2011

Calling All Minnesotan Artsy-Farts

I have always said that Minnesota is one of the most awesome places to be a writer because _so_ many people in this state are engaged in creative expression of one kind or another. Well, the Minnesota State Arts Board is conducting a survey with the intention of figuring out just how creative this state really is! If you are at all involved in the arts, please take a moment to fill out the MN Arts Count.

You do NOT need to be making money in the arts to fill this out. There's one question about how much of your living you make from your creative work, but ZERO is an option. Also, they don't expect you to have only one interest/talent. You can fill in up to six specialities.

It's also super-short. I think there's no more than six or seven questions total.

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