Sunday, May 01, 2011

Interview with Amberkatze

Check out Amberkatze's Book Blog for an interview with me!

And don't forget! On Tuesday Almost Final Curtain officially goes on sale!

Also, I just heard some sort-of bad news from my agent. I turned in three proposals for new Ana books, which my editor had requested. HOWEVER, she's going to sit on her decision about whether to buy more based on how well the early sales of ALMOST FINAL CURTAIN are. The bad news about this is that it means the sales for #1 weren't strong enough to automatically greenlight the continuation of the series. So, if you want more books in the Ana series -- please, please consider buying the book within the first couple weeks of #2's release.

Having been burned by series ending prematurely before, at least I wrapped a tidy bow on #3. So, if that ends up being the last book, should feel intentional.

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myLoveStory said...

Great!but I wonder whether it'll be in Malaysia too?