Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013, The Year of Innovation?

I have a weird supersition. For some reason I've decided that however I start the day on New Year's Day will be an indication of how the year will be. Like any supersition, this has its downsides. Last year, I broke a plate, and... well, 2012 had a lot of disappointments.

This upcoming year, if my supersition holds, will be very, very IN-TER-ESTING.

I got up early on New Year's Eve day with the intention of getting started on the sequel to Precinct 13 (which I did, and which I'm eventually hoping to start publishing here and then collecting into an e-book). At any rate, I was feeling pretty prepared because the-day-before I remembered that I was low on coffee and I went out and bought two HUGE bags of the good stuff. I pulled out the old coffee maker, ripped open the first of the bags, and... discovered I had no coffee filters. My brain started spinning. What could I use instead? A paper towel? No, that would melt into goo. Cloth? Too thick, could also plug the works. Then I remembered that I had tea bags--the kind you can use when you make your own tea. They were connected in a row so you could tear each one off individually. I thought, "Ah ha! If I'm careful, I can line the inside of the coffeemaker and this could work." Of course, it could also have been a disaster with grounds gumming everything up.

But... it worked.

It was some of the best coffee I'd made in a long time too. And I had enough of the little tea bag sheets to do it again for a second pot.

So, I'm thinking 2013 = Innovation and Success. Let's hope that's true. I feel like it's off to a good start in the success department, because Cheryl Morgan, my publisher at Wizard's Tower Press, forwarded me this review from SF Signal about the e-book version of Archangel Protocol:

Sweet, huh? Okay, if you didn't zip off to read it, the gist of the thing is this: the book stands the test of time, at least from their p.o.v. That was nice to hear because that's probably one of my biggest concerns. Technology has changed a lot since I wrote it in 1999 (as has the world.) It's nice to know that, even if it's become a bit of a museum piece/alternate history, the characters and the world-building still come through strong enough to carry the book.

And, I'm enjoying the world of Precinct 13 again. It's fun to go back and revisit characters. And, in a weird way, without an editor looking over my shoulder, I'm looking foward to exploring some of the darker parts of that world that I never really touched on. Like, what's up with Devon (the vampire/werewolf) and his "enthrallment" to Spencer Jones (the police captain/fairy prince)? How creepy is that relationship anyway? Well, we may find out!

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