Monday, March 31, 2014

Newest Installment is Live!

Though I'd been planning on publishing a new installment of the Precinct 13 sequel every TUESDAY, tomorrow I have plans that are going to take me away from the computer, so I thought I should post today.

Here's the link:

Remember, it's free to read and I'd love comments and kudos to keep me going!  Hope you enjoy it.


Katryne said...

I loved the first book and an really excited that you are writing a sequel. Are you going to put it out in ebook when it's complete?

tate hallaway said...

I am hoping to self-publish as an e-book--provided I finish it. Part of my problem has been since my publisher dropped me is that I've lost a lot of my will to write. I'm hoping the WattPad community will help motivate me to keep putting words on page.

So, comments like this help! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Please, finish it. I loved "Precintc 13" and I was very sad to read there was no sequel.