Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Five is Live

Mason and I recorded our fifth MangaKast, which, if you a) have interest in Bleach, Attack on Titan/SnK, or Toriko, or b) just want to hear what we sound like at 5:45 am (before my first real cup of coffee, too!) you should totally check it out.

MangaKast can be found here:

This is another project I could consider a failed experiment, but, in this case, I really don't.  Mason and I have limited expectations for it, for one.  We probably have three faithful listeners (which is probably actually one, since I play the edited version for Mason when he gets home from school.)  But, this is a totally different thing we're doing.  It's entirely for ourselves and we know it.  I get to bond with my son about something we both enjoy, and he gets to be a host of a podcast... how cool is that?  (When you're ten?  Pretty darn cool.)

Plus, at least one day a week, we're up and ready for school ON TIME.  (Even mom appreciates that!)

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