Friday, June 20, 2014

Will Review for Books

Today I got the strangest e-mail on my hotmail account from these folks:

They seemed to be under the mistaken impression that I was a blogger of note.  Maybe, it's just that not a lot of people blog at all anymore and so the pool of names to pick from is very, very tiiiiiiiny. Because, let's be straight with one another, I haven't blogged here with any regularly since the Late Jurassic.  So, it can't be THIS site that got them interested, especially since it's very obviously connected to my gmail address (I don't actually think you can use blogspot without gmail.)  The Wyrdsmiths blog, likewise, is gmail connected and fairly static, so.. that kind of leaves LJ (Live Journal) which would make ZERO sense.

My Facebook and Klout accounts attach to my dusty hotmail address, as do my super-static web pages.  But again... WTF? Really?

I still think you'd have to be high or desperate (or both!) to count me as any kind of influential book recommender.

Regardless of how they got to me and whether I'm really what they want, we're talking about FREE BOOKS.  They're willing to send me review copies if I'll post honest reviews on their site (and presumably link the review to all my social media places.)  So, what the hey... I signed up.  I've requested my first book-- a graphic novel by the same guy who did World War Z called "Harlem Hellcats" (I think.)  It's a historical graphic novel about a WWII black regiment and their struggles on and off the battlefield.  I actually read something about this somewhere else (a Random House tweet, maybe?) and thought it sounded interesting.

So you might be hearing more about the things I'm reading here and elsewhere.

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