Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesday with Tate

Yep, so here it is, Tuesday...  and yes, a new installment is ready for you at WattPad, which I cleverly named, "Part 15: A Damn Dam" (wait for it, it makes sense.  I promise), in which the two demons continue to interrogate Alex:


Sorry I didn't continue my convention report.  I got caught up in some post-con drama (all of which has been not only resolved, but well exceeded my expectations.)  I may write about all of it at some point, but suffice to say that there was some panel confusion and Programming is awesome.  My take away being, however, that there are some regional conventions that could learn a lot about conflict resolution from the folks at CONvergence.

I will, however, post more about it (including more cool costumes) this week.  I do, however, considering that today is more UnJust Cause, show you something AWESOME.  A friend of mine cosplayed Alex!

Amazing, right?  She even has (thought you can't see it because my camera decided to act up), blue extensions in her hair--because Alex's blue dye-job is growing out, if you remember that detail from the book.  The snake tattoo and the coroner shirt, of course, make it.

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