Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tuesday Treats (with a bonus question)

I almost wanted to call this one "Dumpster Divining" because that's such a wonderful idea, but Nana Spider has already shuffled off with her plastic bag companions.  Thus, Alex is left wondering just what she is and decides to talk to the one person who would know.... her father, only, he's forgotten his cell at home, so who should pick up, but Alex's stepmonster....

So, go check that out, if you're so inclined.  Once again, it's a bit short.  I was going to go on, but then the final line was just TOO GOOD, so I left it there.

The title of this blog hints at a bonus question, so here it is: I'm doing a thing I can't entirely talk about yet (yeah, it's one of those annoying 'seekrit' project type things,) but as part of it I'm going to be resurrecting one of the characters from my novels.  I'm wondering how excited people would be to see Daniel Parrish again or has everyone mostly forgotten the Garnet Lacey novels?

Yeah... I think I'll just leave that hanging there too..... *wicked laughter*

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