Friday, November 07, 2014

Podcast Madness

Mason and I have done our podcast thing again "Villain's Soliloquy: #32" in which we discuss the current happenings in Bleach, Toriko, and Fairy Tail. We also talk a little about the current line-up in Weekly Shounen Jump because a lot of people out in Tumblr land are wondering what might replace Naruto now that it's ended. I did actual research about this, so you know...

It might sound a bit choppy this time because I ended up editing out a lot of us shuffling around trying to find things. So, if you're wondering about that, that's what it's about. Because all THREE of you are probably deeply concerned.


Beyond that, here is another reminder to local folks that if you want to come hear me read, I'll be doing a rapid-fire type reading thing at Acadia Cafe on Sunday (Nov. 9) from noon to 3 pm. I'm still not sure what I'll read, but it'll be something I'm working on.

My folks are coming up for a visit today, so I dragged some things up to the attic. For a brief moment, I lost Ms. Ball (our black-and-white) cat up there for a while (I think she was investigating the various squirrel nests.) But, she came back down eventually. She's very social and is our number one lap cat, so it was cold and unfriendly up there. Now her face whiskers are covered in dust.

I should do the dishes and other fussing about so that I'm ready.  Although it looks like I forgot to let you know that a new School for Wayward Demons is up, too:  Devil in the Details.  It's a short one, but we make up for it with AMAZING art by Alexis Cooke.  So you absolutely must check that out.

See you later!

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