Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Random Thoughts at Midnight

Wondered about this last night...

...do you suppose all those people who won a "lifetime supply" of Rice-o-Roni (the San Francisco treat) on The Price Is Right are still getting it?


Zoe said...

Nah. They probably got shipped fifty or a hundred boxes of the stuff, all at once, when they won.

Michele said...

So my son and I were discussing this and we decided if you got a couple dozen boxes a month for the rest of your life, you would SO never want to look at a piece of rice. Ever. Again.
You'd be banned from holiday parties. "Oh dear, no, we don't want your rice hot-dish again this year." or "Oh, my, a gift?" Shake, shake. "Let me guess, Rice a Roni? Again. How thoughtful of you." Not.
And just think, you could make rice portraits of all your in-laws and give them as gifts.
But you'd be a hit at weddings. "I'll bring the rice!"

CV Rick said...


the best reason to go to the State Fair.

Now I want to win a lifetime supply of Rice a Roni.