Friday, May 05, 2006

Officially a Best Seller

I just got word a few minutes ago that Tall, Dark & Dead jumped to the #10 spot of BookScan's trade paperback fantasy bestseller list.

I wasn't terribly excited about this until I did a little google research. has a very intersting article about how BookScan's figures are tallied. Apparentely BookScan tracks actual books leaving retail stores. Check it out:

There might be champaign in my future.


Rene said...

Congratulations! Tell you what, I will have a bottle of champagne in your honor. Truly, it doesn't take much to get me to drink a glass or three.

Writersblock7733 said...

Just got done reading Tall, Dark and Dead. AWESOME!!! I really fell in love with Garnet and for a gay man that is saying a lot. I thought the characters were so full and rounded. Very complex and a delight to learn about. I hope your doing a second book. I can't wait!!! Garnet in the City!

David Forbes said...

Congrats! That's very exciting news indeed.

Michael M Jones said...

I picked this book up as soon as I saw it, without knowing anything more than that it had a cute cover and a fairly intriguing premise. Both my wife and I enjoy books along those lines, though her a bit more than me. (The blurbs by Lynsay and MaryJanice helped convince me it was definitely up my wife's alley.)

Good to see you back in action, under one name or another. :>

Zoe said...

Congratulations! I ordered Tall, Dark & Dead a few days ago, and I'll be reading it as soon as it gets here :)