Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wanderers Go Wandering Again: Mercury Goes Backwards, Jupiter Forward

...At least that's how it looks from our vantage point here on Earth!

I got a new "Astro Alert" from So here's what's in store for us all:

As Jupiter turns direct in passionate Scorpio on July 6, you are ready to take some significant steps forward in your life. But wait! Mercury also turns retrograde on July 4, so it will be essential to do a thorough review of your plans before you get too far ahead of yourself.

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, the most important point to remember is that it will now prove tricky to make informed decisions about the future. Mercury retrograde periods are notoriously well-known for communication snafus as well as difficulty and/or lapses in decision-making. Yet with Jupiter also turning direct, no time will be better for looping back to old contacts, reviewing ideas and rethinking ways of optimizing your schedule.

So be careful what you say to old contacts, I guess.


jpj said...

This makes me want to comment here even though you KNOW I think the astrology thing is nonsense.

Of course, I'm a Scorpio too, so what I'm learning from this is that it is time to make bold steps backwards to old contacts and plans.

Would going out and renting "Back to the Future" be enough, you think?

tate said...


Anonymous said...

Aha, so that's why I burned my hand AND strained my back during our weekend camping trip.

I suppose I can also blame this for the waffling I've been done on a certain letter I really should have sent weeks ago. Except, I could have sent it BEFORE Mercury went retrograde, and didn't....


tate said...

If that letter is what I think it is, Naomi, send it!

As for the rest, yeah, blame Mercury. I do. Goddess knows our trip to Indiana was ALL about miscommunication. In fact, Shawn and her brother are no longer speaking to each other. Go Mercury.