Friday, August 11, 2006

Diveriscon Schedule

I'm going to be at Diversicon this weekend, and here is my schedule:

Noon-12:50 Vampire Chick-Lit. The hot new thing is dead. Let's talk about who's writing it and what they're writing about. mod., Tate Hallaway; Richard K. Lyon, Sybil Smith, Jody Wurl.

5:00-5:50pm Feminist Romance. Very often romances in short stories an dnovels follow very patriarchal rules, even when fairly feminist individuals are writing. What does a faminist romantic storyline look like? What don't we see these? How can writers who like to think of themselves as feminists avoid falling back on the old standbys? mod, S.N. Arly; Paula L. Fleming, Catherine Lundoff, Rebecca Marjesdatter.

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