Monday, August 07, 2006

Revision Crunch

Sorry I've been such a spotty blogger, but I got my revision letter for Dead Sexy from my editor Anne Sowards. She had some substantial issues with the romance as I'd written it, so this has been a fairly major overhaul. It's going quickly, though. I'm one of those strange critters who actually enjoys revising.

Plus, I've been reading Grammar Snobs Are Great, Big Meanies: A Language Guide for Fun and Spite by June Casagrande, which is just tremendous fun. Some of the reviewers on don't seem to like it much, but I've enjoyed what I've read so far (perhaps she flubs the ending? Can you do that in a book about words?)

I'd hazard a guess (by skimming the first reviewer's comments) that the people who are offended by the book are, in fact, grammar snobs themselves and don't like being put in their place. I like the book because though I want to be a grammar expert, I'm not (and I know it, and I, like her, have been terrorized by grammar snobs in my past.) This is not a book for someone who wants to be proven right, rather a book that enjoys language and the modern usage of it. The fact that Casagrande discusses in great length why The Simpsons is the most grammatically correct TV show on today tells you a lot about the kind of person who should be reading this book. That person would be me

(not "I").


jpj said...

See, and I would just switch that last sentence around so it reads:

"I am that person."

Hence avoiding all that I/me stuff.

lydamorehouse said...

Yeah, except this is one of the things Casagrande talks about, which is that grammar snobs have terrorized the rest of us into thinking we don't have an ear for our own language.

We would never say "that's the book for she" so why on earth would we say "that's the book for I?" Of course, it's me. That's what sounds right to the majority of us (not we.)

Stephen M. St. Onge said...

        You should have an Amazon link.  I just bought a copy of Grammar Snobs for my wife the grammar snob (who is up to p. 58 in your novel, and has only noticed one error in your novel [p.5-6, "lay" should be "laid"]. If you'd had a link, you'd have gotten a cut!

By the way, K. really likes Tall, Dark, and Dead, and I'll probably be reading it too.