Friday, August 24, 2007

Caveman Appeal

This is new from Yahoo News: Chick Magnets Look Like Cavemen -- which actually explains the popularity of time-travel romance.

To be fair, TT romance is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. I really like the clash that happens when you combine a fiesty modern woman and a lunkheaded, knuckle-dragging alpha male from some backward society.

And, apparently, that's hardwired into my brain.

Oooooh, look! Pretty!


CV Rick said...

But research has actually shown that most primitive human tribes and clans were matriarchal . . . does that throw a damper on the fantasy?

tate said...

Matriarchal? Really? Not just matrilinial? (or however you spell that?)

But, no, the fantasy is still good.

CV Rick said...

A very valuable book to read is the Alphabet vs The Goddess by Leonard Schlain. It contains a compilation of history, anthropological, and archaeological studies on the subject of the transition between Goddesses to Gods for early civilizations, back to tribal and agrarian societies.

lydamorehouse said...

Awesome. I'll check it out.