Monday, August 27, 2007

Wyrdsmith Writing Meme

Kellyover at Wyrdsmiths posted a meme about writing and I thought I'd play along...

What do you find _______ about writing?

Hardest? Lately, starting. But, after I get over that initial hurdle, the hardest part is usually keeping the plot moving forward. I have a tendency to like just hanging out with my characters soap opera style. Fun for me, but hell on the plot.

Easiest? Character. A lot of people live in my head many of them fully-formed. Getting them out is easy. Figuring out what to do with them is hard.

Most fun?

Honestly? Seeing my name in print. It's a rush.

Most Tedious? Some days, depending on my mood it's the writing down of all the scenes in my head. Slowing down my inner play long enough to write it all out and have it make sense to someone other than me.

Coolest? Knowing that I make s**t up and people pay me for it (sometimes).

Least cool? Some of the business aspects. I wish the publishing climate was such that there was a place for all good stories, regardless of "the market."

Best? When inspiration strikes and I look up from my keyboard and realize it's 2 a.m. and I feel so pumped like I could write more.

Worst? Realizing my kid will be up at 5:30 am....

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MariAdkins said...

Oh dude, I hear you on that best and worst.