Monday, April 14, 2008

Reviews A Go-Go

Harriet Klausner reviewed Romancing the Dead on her blog "Genre Go Round." As per usual, she's misspelled my name (she did that with my alter ego as well). Here's an excerpt of the good stuff:

As always in a Tate Hallaway fantasy, the various types of paranormal species seem genuine and Madison, Wisconsin is a perfect setting for this the action thriller that never slows down for a moment. Readers will thoroughly appreciate this stand alone tale that also refers back to incidents in the previous two novels (see tall sexy and tall, dark & dead). Although ROMANCING THE DEAD lacks the humor that the audience expects from this talented author, this superb tale affirms the theory that “life’s a witch” worth reading about.

Also, Vixen's Daily Reads has a review up of the first book Tall, Dark & Dead, which continues the seemingly never-ending question of why I get such "chick litty" covers. Here's the nice thing said there:

This is a good story, a sort of in between light and grim paranormal. Garnet is my favorite. She is tough, but still vulnerable at times. Sebastian makes for an intriguing vampire. I'd like to see more of Garnet's friend, Izzy, who takes pretty much all she witnesses in her stride. William is a confused sweet soul and deserves more book time.

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