Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Reviews Roll In...RtD

Google Alerts found two new reviews for Romancing the Dead. The first from Darque Reviews. Here's the good bits:

"Romancing the Dead is the third book in the Garnet Lacey series. Ms. Hallaway provides another exciting adventure in her unique series, and adds fascinating new characters to the mix. Readers will meet Micah who’s charming, sexy and altogether captivating, even when his actions are less than honorable. Garnet, who is generally a strong character with all she’s weathered, becomes more flawed and human as she deals with the shock of her missing fiancĂ©, accepts help from the future stepson she loathes, and suffers the insecurities of contemplating the future she’s about to share with her vampire lover. Romancing the Dead starts off slowly, but it’s really the only chance readers get to catch their breath before they’re swept up into the melee and left looking forward to more of the same."

The next one is from Fresh Fiction. Here's what their reviewer had to say about it:

Tate Hallaway uses comedy for this quirky witch, Garnet. ROMANCING THE DEAD has lots of excitement and mystery to keep you guessing throughout. It's a fun reading treat.

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