Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some Announcements

First of all, my alter ego is blogging about "Committing Series" over at SF Novelists today.

Second, I got an invitation to a big book launch blog roll with several other paranormal romance authors, including: Michele Bardsley, Charlaine Harris, Erin McCarthy, and Anya Bast. How this is going to work is that each of us is going to pose a question on our blogs and post our answer, along with the answers from the other authors. Each author is going to host a contest for a free book, Amazon certificate or something like that. If you roll through all the blogs, you'll get a chance to win something from each of us. For my part, I plan to offer a signed, manuscript copy of the first chapter of the NEXT book, Dead If I Do (2009), to the first ten people to post a response in the comments.

So I'm giving all y'all the heads up. As they used to say in that annoying ad, "Watch this space!"

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