Thursday, May 01, 2008

Star/Planet News!

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May brings more than just spring flowers -- there is dynamic activity happening in the cosmos, and it has deep and lasting implications for us all. It's time for a one-two punch from the heavyweights in the solar system -- Saturn and Jupiter -- and while some will feel like the bottom has dropped out, others will get sweet rewards that they've been working so hard for.

The month starts off with a bang! Saturn, the slow moving planet of karma and dharma turns direct on May 2. This is a period of endless possibilities and sweet rewards for hard work, as well as recognition for your contributions to both work and relationships. May 5 brings a New Moon in Taurus, and with it new beginnings. Any tangible, practical investment you make in your life can really pay off this month.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and generosity, goes retrograde May 9. The effects of this retrograde will be felt differently depending on how Jupiter is positioned in your birth chart. However, the overall effect of a Jupiter retrograde represents a tightening up of finances. Wallets will be closing, and this is a time for frugality. The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 19 also signals that this is a good time to tune into your financial life and evaluate your financial responsibilities.

The final big punch comes with Mercury and Neptune both turning retrograde on May 2. Mercury retrogrades always bring disruption in communications and the Neptune retrograde period is a time to remember and revisit your dreams, goals and ideals.

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I'm sure that the timing and orientation of those changes won't have any impact on my life.