Friday, March 13, 2009

Do I Live Here? (And Why?)

Sometimes I wouldn't be able to find my own a$$ if it wasn't attached. Today, all I really want is an exacto knife. I know Shawn has one. I *thought* she kept it with her scrapbooking stuff, but it's not there (or... I didn't see it.) I want the exacto because I'm working on my Ostara altar cloth. WitchSchool is having a competition and I have never been able to resist competitions. Shawn, being the crafty one, also has a book of Celtic knotwork stencils which I did find, and I discovered an awesome knot of geese which I think would be cool for the border. Now all I need is an exacto. Can I find one? No.

In the why do I live here news, I'm sick of my car. Any day we wake up and it's freezing (as in 32F/0C) or below outside, one or both of the front car doors freeze shut (or won't latch, depending on the whim of whatever demon has bedeviled my car). Do you know how many days are below freezing in Minnesota? A lot. Yesterday (or maybe Tuesday) morning, in fact, I had to do the classic Minnesota winter hairdrier trick before I could even leverage my keys in between the door the frame to pop it open. I was funny the first hundred or so times, but it's becoming an every day thing... and deeply annoying.

What's frustrating is that, honestly, for Minnesota... this isn't that cold. I'm okay with the idea that I might have to run an extension cord from my garage to the street when there are -40F wind chills, but at 32F many Minnesotans start talking about heat waves and we all smile a bit brighter as the icicles start melting in the sunshine. 32F is a good, warm day for March, damn it. I shouldn't have to be standing outside with a hairdrier pointed at my car door lock. That's just... annoying.

Deeply annoying.

Especially since outside of this one quirk, Steve (our car) runs like a dream. It's even vaguely green, since it's flexible fuel and could run Ethenol if any gas station nearby carried it any more. If it wasn't silver -- a color I find very boring, and it seems to be difficult for other motorist to notice -- it'd be fairly perfect. Except the door thing.

At least spring seems to be coming. I mean, hell, it's warm out (32F)!! And I had a gardening dream last night, even.

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