Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reading and Writing

A long time ago, back when MiniCON was big, I attended a panel that Alan Steele was on. I no longer remember what the panel topic was, but I remember him talking about how he had these tremendous periods in output (writing) followed by a cycle of input (reading.)

Well, even though I'm still in the middle of writing my young adult novel, my input valve must be stuck or something because I've been reading like CRAZY. I've just narfed a bunch of graphic novels in the manga series HIRAKU NO-GO (about a bunch of kids, a ghost, and professional "Go" playing in Japan) and I finished a novel by Australian author Bernard Beckett called GENESIS (hardcover, Houghton Mifflin Harcort, 2009). (I have a long extended rant... er review of the book over at my alternate personality's LiveJournal blog Warning: SPOILERS.)

Anyway, that always leads me to wonder... what are the rest of you reading these days?

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Frank said...

I've got a big stack o' far too many library books--all my reserve list choices came in at once--about equally divided between Tom Holt and Jim Butcher's mid-period Dresden files, with a Nalo Hopkinson and a new Tanya Huff Valor title peeking out of the edges.

So what do I recommend? Christoper Moore's Fool. It's a wonderfully mangled and tangled retelling of King Lear from the viewpoint of Pocket, Lear's fool.

Mind-bendingly complex, medievally crude, and heinously funny.