Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Review of Dead Sexy

What's that old phrase? You can't please all of the people all of the time? Well, this review over at "The Good, the Bad and the Bookish" seems to start out favorable and ends with an "eh."

She says she wouldn't seek out the next book in the series, but if she happened across it she wouldn't scream. (um, ouch?) So I offered to send her one. I hope she takes me up on it.

But, you know, it's kind of instant karma in a box, innit? Given my reaction to Beckett's book, I can't expect the Universe to pull punches, now can I?


Anonymous said...

Who reviews a book two years after it's been published, when there are already two newer books in the series? Laziness, I tell you. If you want to be a good reviewer, you review the newest one, and reference the earlier ones.

Unless the other two haven't been released in Australia yet?

Alex and Lynn Ward said...

They've been released here but I hate reading series out of order and there are more books being published than I can read, so sometimes it takes a while!
If you're serious, Tate, I may even take you up on your offer! - Alex Ward