Tuesday, October 27, 2009

German Titles

As you know, Bob, I sold rights to my books to a German publisher. I just got news today that they will be re-titling my books, as the play on words didn't work in German. The first book, originally TALL, DARK & DEAD will be NICHT SCHON WIEDER EIN VAMPIR (Not Another Vampire) and the second will be, BEISS NOCH EINMAL MIT GEFUEHL (Bite Once More, With Feeling!)

I kind of like NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE because, well, there are a ton of vampire books out there and it works as a play on that, but also it goes to Garnet past relationship with Parrish and moving to Sebastian, as well as the fact that Sebastian isn't your average vamp.

What fun!


Leses├╝chtige said...

thanks for writing down the German Titles ! It's really funny how they re-title books.Sometimes the "new" title has nothing to do with the books subject , so it's always a surprise to read a book and later recognize that it doesn't fit.

Anonymous said...

I just found out your books are finally released here. Though I don't think I'll rebuy them because I already read them all. But I told a friend who does not understand english and always wanted to read your books after I taked to her about them.

Greatings from Germany

P.S. Are they gonna keep Sebastians name or will his name be changed as well? (I still think Von Traum sounds really cheesy for a german reader xD)