Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Knowing Changes EVERYTHING

It's very weird to be working on the revisions for a book I now know will be the last of the Garnet Lacey series. Every tiny fragment of plot left untied (or left intentionally for later development), suddenly needs tying, tidying, removing.

Also, I'd originally wanted Garnet to struggle with suddenly BEING married and all the weirdness that entails. You know, the first weeks of your marriage when you suddenly look at over your lover and think: "Husband? Wow. Really?" But now that seems... a bit depressing (since I'd also had them have a few of those first spats that seem so much WORSE now that you've committed to each other forever.

I'm also disappointed that the "Scooby gang" don't show up until near the end of the book. I want to spend more time with William, Matyas, Parrish, Teresa, and the rest.

Sigh. Parting IS such sweet sorrow.


Frank said...

So pitch a book about Parrish and Tereza so you can use all that lovely backstory...

Laura said...

I'm only reading the second book now. I'm disappointed the story is going to end so soon. I've been hoping Garnet would end up with Daniel Parrish.