Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Review and News

This time there's a lovely review of Archangel Protocol (e-book) by Joanne Hall on her blog "Making Things Up For a Living,"

In other news, it does appear that 2013 is going to be "The Year Lyda Does ALL THE THINGS." I've got a lot of things in the hopper all of a sudden, none of them sure-things, but all of them ridiculously exciting.

I'm also for sure signed up to be in the Loft's catalogue for the Teen Summer Program for two potential classes. The first will be a somewhat straight-forward science-fiction/fantasy class called, "Beyond the Zombie Apocalypse: Writing SF/F For Teens," and second (which I'm super-excited about becaus it may be the only one of its kind) called, "ALL THE FEELS: Fan Fic 101" a how-to class for fan fiction writers. I've also gotten a proposal accepted for an on-line class for SF/F writers in the intermediate stage of their career called "Over the Transom," which will be a six week class.

Plus, I started work on the sequel to Precinct 13 which I'm hoping to self e-publish... though it's going to be interesting to try to find the time (I'm happy to say.)

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