Monday, June 23, 2014

What I'm Reading....

I probably haven't mentioned this here yet, but I've taken an extremely part-time job at the Ramsey County Libraries as a "sub," (which they, quite charmingly call "itinerant page" a job title that makes me feel like it ought to come with tights, a tunic, and a lute.)  It pays well, but I work very random hours.  So one of the biggest benefits for me is exposure to all the books, etc.

On Saturday I worked at Maplewood (one of my favorites partly due to their astounding manga collection).  While I was there, I noticed a two volume manga set marked as "new."  It was called No.6.

Yesterday, while cooking our annual fleischkuekle batches, I read both volumes and started in on the remaining chapters at MangaPanda.

So, I ended up writing a review of it this morning:

And... I just got a call from my sub coordinator, and it looks like I'll be working there again tonight!  Yay!  More manga!

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