Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Wordpress Wednesday

Hah!  I knew I'd figure out an alliteration!  Speaking of silly language tricks, Mason and I have named our 15th MangaKast "15 - Ichi Go" because the hero of Bleach, Ichigo, is constantly seen wearing the number 15.  It took me years of reading (and finally learning a bit of Japanese) to realize that it's a giant pun on his name because Ichi is the word for "one" and Go is "five" together his name makes 15.

So, of course I put up a picture of Renji who has nothing at all to do with the number 15.  But, I really couldn't resist the fact that he's talking about chickens.  Chickens is a funny thing at our house.  One time, as we were snuggling before bed, Mason asked: "What do you want to talk about?"  I said, "Chickens!" just to be a weirdo.

So now, every night before bed, we discuss something about chickens.

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