Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Already Off to a Bad Start

For some reason I thought TODAY was New Moon, not, uh, this coming Saturday...and now I just feel dumb. But to be fair, the rest of the day started well. The weather is very... European today. The air is moist and chilled, but the temperature is a very mild 50 (F). Most of the traveling to Europe that I did with my family was during the cheaper winter months, so this kind of cool, wet, overcast, but warm enough day always reminds me specifically of Paris.

Anyway, Mason and I took a walk this morning before school. Mason mostly ran along Summit Avenue (near my favorite coffee shop where I was FORCED, I tell you, FORCED to stop because we ran out of coffee in the house). We walked on retaining walls and played, "don't step on the cracks." Despite the cold, wet wind, it was actually very nice. I found my vision sharpening, if you will. I noticed bird's nests and the vibrant colors of the painted lady houses we passed.

I think I need to get out more....

Today also promises to be a good day because last night my friend and fellow writer Sean M. Murphy came over and critiqued my latest novel, HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD, which is due at the publishers in a couple of months. I'd written a very rough frame very quickly and I needed some professional help... er, as it were. Anyway, last night we had an awesome brainstorm session and I really feel ready today to conquer the draft and make it a real novel, Ghepetto.

Wish me luck.

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