Monday, March 23, 2009

Awesome Poetry

This is from GODDESS COMPANION by Patricia Monaghan (my new favorite writer on pagan/Goddess subjects:

I am the goddess, mistress of the land.
It is I who created the unbreakable laws.
It is I who divided earth and heaven.
It is I who charted the stars.
It is I who set the moon and sun overhead.
It is I who ordered the tides.
It is I who brought men and women together
and I who created all the mysteries.
It is I who made justice stronger than wealth,
and I who designed penalties for evil.
It is I who first created mercy,
and I who metes it out.
I am the queen of the earth and wind and sea,
queen of the thunder, queen of the sun.
Only I can overcome fate.
Only I can overcome death.

-----Song of Isis, Egypt

It is I who added the emphasis, but today with all the economic injustice that's being practiced that line really sang to me.

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