Friday, May 08, 2009

Hugh Jackman *IS* Wolverine!

My friend Sean M. Murphy and I went to go see "Wolverine" last night. I'm a huge Marvel fan (as might be obvious from my Marvel tarot drawings,) and I wasn't disappointed.... entirely. Entertainment Weekly had me expecting never ending battles with no meaning, and I have to say I must have seen a completely different movie. Or maybe there's something visceral for a long-time fan like me to actually see the stills of comic panels turned into live-action.

Despite my initial hesitance regarding the casting, I ended up being really impressed with Gambit/Remy LeBeau -- mostly *because* the cinematographer totally NAILED Gambit's look in motion.

The story of Wolverine also had its moments of "Oh! I've seen that!" too, and he wore my favorite Wolverine "costume" of cowboy boots, big brass belt buckle on dusty jeans, and muscle shirt.

And Jackman was naked a lot, which always works for me.

But later, on the drive home, I started ruminating. I started wondering where all the cool Marvel chicks were. There were some characters on "Weapon X" team I didn't remember, including "Agent Zero" who bore a stricking resemblance (in terms of powers) to "Domino." And I asked myself, why would a director/writer say to himself (and I'm sure it was a *him*): "I know, teenage boys, my core audience, would probably prefer a dude instead of a hot Asian chick with super-marksmanship and probability altering powers!" Seriously?

Then I remembered what they did to Storm. No offense to Halle Berry, but Storm was the biggest disappointment for me in the first X-Men movie. Storm is the original a$$-kicking heroine in the books, but she was completely wimpy as portrayed in the movie. As was Rogue. As was Jean Grey/Phoenix. Hmmm, pretty much all the women sucked. And the trend sadly continues.

They need to hire up Chris Claremont.

He knew how to write hot, strong, complicated heroines.

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