Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Many Books Do You Read (at Once)?

Currently, I'm reading about three books.

This seems to be a condition of the fact that I'm reading more non-fiction than I used to. When I'm reading fiction I tend to stick to one book at a time. But, I get more bored with non-fiction, so I have several I carry around and read whichever one I'm in the mood for.

Currently, I'm reading Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Powers of the Dark Goddess by Demetra George, and Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective by Melanie Reinhart. Plus, I'm still working on the Goddess image evolution book I mentioned last time...which is hard to carry around because it weighs a ton.

I keep thinking it should be time for some fiction, but I just don't quite seem in the mood for it. I wonder if that's because I have so many of my own books to write right now.

How about you?


Chris said...

I barely ever read nonfiction - I blame grad school for burning out the serious reading part of my brain. :) I generally read a single book at a time, but since I read really, really fast, that's not usually an issue.

tate hallaway said...

I hear ya. I wish I was more in a fiction mood. I feel like the opposite of the grad school thing... I write so much fiction that my brain needs a break from that. Strange, huh?

janetwain said...

There are a couple I've set aside somewhere, but I'm seriously reading two non-fiction books at the moment. I snarf fiction, it only takes me a day or two for most books.