Wednesday, April 01, 2009

They Liked Me!

I just got 4 Stars from Romantic Times Bookreviews!!

Here's what Jill M. Smith has to say about DEAD IF I DO:

"Nothing in the life of Hallaway's heroine every goes exactly as planned, which generally leads to madcap mayhem. This chapter in the first-person series is packed with humor, wackiness and a touch of pathos. It's a genuinely heartwarming treat for fans!

Go me.


Anonymous said...

Of course they did!

MAY 5 MAY 5 MAY 5 MAY 5!!!

tate hallaway said...

I worry about this book, though. Why? Because I liked writing it.... just like I liked writing MESSAIH NODE, which never did that well with the critics. So that's part of the enthusiasm.